Safety at work in my profession

Safety at work

Every employer before the commencement of any employment of workers after occupational health physician prescribed intervals by the need to take part in job aptitude test.

All companies(minimum 1 person reported an employee), in each task (s) it has made mandatory for produce, workplace risk assessment prior to the commencement of the activity. The risk assessment three to be produced per year again, and forthwith if the activity, technology, work equipment, working environment factors (noise, air, vibration) changes occur, and in the case of serious work accident.

Every employer must regulate personnel, physical and organizational structure of the healthy and safe working conditions. The most transparent and most manageable form of labor safety regulations.

Every workplace (whether owned or rented) mandatory after the formation of the power grid, and after 3 years carried out by the electric shock protection standards review.

All jobs of all workers is mandatory prior to starting employment and thereafter repeatedly, job, technology or when changing jobs, new work equipment (production machines, devices) when installing safety training to take part each year. The fact of the training must log in educational syllabus indication of the participants signing the document.

After completing the purchase of equipment hazardous mandatory health and safety aspects of the preliminary investigation and the work equipment, preparation of technology written documentation of the installation and during operation to carry out periodic safety reviews required.

In case of lifting equipment operation (forklifts, cranes, trolleys, hand pallet) is mandatory for pre-commissioning, subsequent periodic safety reviews, structure, carrying out major trials, log hoist, crane book keeping.

Mandatory periodic safety review are completed for manual pallet stacker.

Every workplace made mandatory internal control of personal protective equipment compensation order.

Every workplace should ensure the presence of first-aid workers, and occupational first-aid equipment readily available in the first aid area designation.

Every workplace mandatory operated electrical equipment used in the work is put into operation, whether it be a piece of computer, hair dryer, or a complete production line. This is true even when those facilities are relocated to another site.

All chemicals must be used to categorize the workplace. Safety data sheets must be provided for. The chemicals must be reported to the appropriate authorities.

The accident

The accident Concept safety point of view. LSA § 87 1 / A. Accident: the human body has a single external influence which is independent of the will of the injured, or suddenly occurs relatively short period of time and injury, poisoning or other (physical or mental) health damage or death.


One-time effect
If repetitive effects are cumulative, it is usually not an accident but an occupational disease
External effect
If caused by a corrupted organization, it is not an accident, but the disease.
Independently disabled will of
Self-mutilation is not included, but if someone beats, Yes.
Injury, poisoning causing
If not, then we talk about the risk

Concept of Work Accident

Work accident: an accident suffered by an employee during or in connection with the organization of work, the place and date, and the employee (injured), regardless of the extent of the impact of the assistance. The work-in occurs in the context of the accident, if the worker is provided relating to work carried out among occupational transportation, material inspection, material handling, grooming, organized working meals, occupational health services and other services, etc. by the employer. While using less. An accident occurring in the context not be considered work-(work accident) in the accident, which injured the apartment of (bed of) the place of work and from work to his apartment (quarters) reached while driving, unless the accident, the employer owned or rented vehicle of happened

The concept of serious work accidents

  • The death of the injured (fatal accident on the accident within one year from the occurrence of which the injured, according to medical opinion in connection with the accident killed), fetus or newborn death, permanent damage to inhibit independent living.
  • A sensory organ (or detection capability) and reproductive capacity loss or damage caused by a significant.
  • According to medical opinion is life-threatening injury or health damage.
  • Severe mutilation, thumb or hand, foot lost the greater part of two or more fingers (and more serious cases).
  • Speaking skills being lost or striking distortions, paralysis or mental confusion.
  • What to do in case of an accident

    If you fulfill all its obligations, we hope no accident. If you do, the following are my duties (after the damaged supply)

  • If you suspect that the injured, alcohol intoxication completion of the investigation. (Optional, but it is in your interest that conducted by!)
  • A serious accident at work relevant to the accident scene immediately notify the supervisory
  • Work accident involving the disability shall be immediately investigated and the result of work accidents recorded in the minutes.
  • All work accident and occupational disease - to be announced, should be investigated and should be registered - including increased exposure cases

    A serious accident at work, as well as - caused a work tool or technology - work accident investigation, which is more than two persons at a time (a time), due to the same place injury or other health impairment constitutes a safety professional activity, may review only by Health & Safety professionals.

    In order to remedy peered Prevention strategies need to be developed working processes, technology, organization of work, working conditions, social relationships and working security content of a comprehensive and coherent prevention strategy is a result of environmental factors covering work.

    I take the case to order the a full-service health and safety according to regulations.

    Individual requests, according to fire protection, I can deal with.

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